Karangsambung fieldtrip: Natural Geology Laboratory

Karangsambung area located 19 km north of town Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia. An area of about 300 km2, developed as a Reserve National Geological Sciences Karangsambung (“National Geological Park Nature Karangsambung”), because of its distinctive appearance during evolution of the earth’s geology, ranging Cretaceous (about 120 million) years ago until now, and recorded as an interesting and special geological monument

The most completely Geopark which lack of facilities


A man wearing a field cap, escorted motorcycle, arrived at our Technical Unit and Conservation Earth Information Center (BIKK) LIPI Karangsambung.

He immediately walked to the hall and dormitory rooms, which are located at the top of the office complex.When he ran into a research associate, Ir Chusni Anshori MT, he was immediately greeted, “I  came from the field (field research site). It’s going to the dorm, “said the man who named Joko Susilo, ITB Geology graduate and post graduate students are conducting field research in Karangsambung.

In the meantime, though it was close at 16.00, its staff and employees in BIKK Karangsambung not moved home. It appeared in the the road Kebumen – Karangsambung, approaching downtown districts, there are three groups with 180 students take the tour bus Environmental Health Program, State University of Semarang was headed for the geological heritage.

That is activities in the geological nature Karangsambung campus, which is managed directly Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). Yes, it’s nature campus frequently visited by college students, or students, whether they intend to do research or just a sightseeing.

According to Chusni, the amount of visitors from college students, researchers, and students, each year on average could reached 10,000 people. They are  _ stay, live in dorms or just come listen to the explanation of BIKK Karangsambung guide, and go home.

When you want to stay, the have prepared a package BIKK Karangsambung field trips, accompanied by an explanation of the researchers or staff BIKK. “Depending on their application, not just come here or want to pitch, we are ready to serve and give an explanation,” researcher in geology, a post graduate degree from the University of Gadjahmada, Yogyakarta. He suggested that the number of visits from students and students  tend increasing, the potential for the development of geo-tourism or nature tourism activities related to the earth.

During this time, the existing facilities at the site of geological tourism is still minimal. For example, inadequate road access. Although the road Mertokondo – Karangsambung smooth now, but from the office BIKK – Sadang, road was still very broken. Other supporting facilities are also not available, such as food stalls and souvenir vendors / crafts. Of course it requires a good cooperation between local communities and government Kebumen, in this case the Department of Tourism and Culture.


In view of UPT BIKK Karangsambung Chairman, Yugo Kumoro, actually save the region’s potential as completely geo-park. Therefore, the potential for rock outcrop were there are very significant and complete. More complete than in the Langkawi Geopark, Malaysia. However, in Langkawi, could have a sale value as an international tourist destination due to the excellent support.