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Luk Ulo River, as its name, twisting like a python which was walking from upstream to downstream. This river upstream is in a gap at hills The Thousand Mountains in the North. The flow of the river route to the South until downstream and into the Indian Ocean. Near the upstream, there is a very unique geological sites, Sites of Geological Karangsambung. From downtown, it’s about 15 kilometers.

On the site of geology Karangsambung, there are various kinds of stones: agate, suiseki, biseki, coal and great pride for residents of Kebumen Central Java, Indonesia, is the uniqueness of agate which there was no counter entire Asia region. Perhaps also in the whole world. Therefore, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) set up a special research site and make it as a scientific tourism.


Subowo (42 years old) an onyx craftsman in the edge of River Luk Ulo ata Pasarpari

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