LukFest12: A Riverbanks Festival at Luk Ulo River Kebumen

Lukulo Festival is an our dream _, the people who live on the edge of River Luk Ulo Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia. We want to restore this river as a safe and comfortable environment for our lives. Hopefully.

Kebumen is one of the southern coastal areas in Central Java that has many potential natural and human resources is quite a lot of variety and quality. But less developed following the dynamic development in the surrounding community. Natural wealth in the North side of the rolling hills along the Thousand Mountains and flanked by two large reservoirs, and Wadaslintang Sempor and one of the sites are very unique geogologi Karangsambung not seem to be optimized as a prime tourist destination. The great potential of the creative economy while the other is still in the shadow of Tasikmalaya and Yogyakarta is woven pandanus household industries.

Meanwhile, on the South side is dominated by lowland, which extends along the coast and 78 km Kars unique sites around the District’s father has not been developed as a potential creative economy is tremendous benefit to the community, government and the surrounding natural environment. Almost all the coast has indeed been attempted by local people and the Government Kebumen as interesting attractions. Likewise, in the form of Kars cave sites such as Gua Petruk and Jatijajar as well as several other objects have been widely known by the general public both nationally and internationally.

Creative economy is essentially based on the idea as the greatest potential of human resources. Communities in Kebumen figure may be less familiar with two creative women, Irma Suryani and Ngatini.The results of both creativity has worldwide. Irma Suryani, creative women who wrestle Buayan manufacturing cloth shirts remaining ingredients into a variety of craft products kesed and other scraps.He has appeared as a prominent figure in Can She Tupperware TV program as lightening, educators and empowerment for the disabled like him. Meanwhile, yet sesohor Ngatini Irma, was a formidable woman in industrial woven pandanus. Both are a handful of the creative potential of human resources among the hundreds or thousands of “creative people Kebumen”.

Hanito Kreasindo Luk Ulo initiated the festival as motivated by these two great women. Luk Ulo Festival is an idea of people livingon the edge of Luk Ulo time to develop the activities of Luk UloFishing Competition organized by Paskopem (Pasarpari YouthComplex) and has been for four times since 2008. In theimplementation of the last (4th) dated October 2, 2011, at the instigation of the partners in an effort to stir motorcycle dealers whoare willing to reward a winner of the first motorcycle to the samefishing competition in 2012, came the idea of developing it into afestival of activities Luk Ulo.

The festival is featuring festive activities, can be filled with different types, scale and nature of interrelated activities. Luk Ulo KaliFestival 2012 is a blend of sports activities, entertainment, tourism, environmental education and entrepreneurship.

Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia has made 15 categories for creative of economic activities. The last creative business sectors included in category that is the culinary business. Culinary business is no longer just the standard menu offerings to meet the physical needs. Currently, the factors taste and appearance of culinary products are made more varied and deliberately created by the perpetrators to attract the attention of consumers. This can be proved from the TV news shows or even slip a small portion is dominated by a variety of news about the culinary tastes and uniqueness.

Hanito Kreasindo who initiated the Festival Luk Ulo motivated by two great women, Irma Suryani and Ngatini. Irma has been known as a patchwork craft businesses that have very high concern for people with disabilities. Meanwhile, Ngatini , the artisan woven pandanus handicraft may have persistent upholding the dignity of her colleagues. Luk Ulo Festival is an idea of people living in River Luk Ulo banks to develop the activities of Luk Ulo Fishing Competition organized by Paskopem (Pasarpari Youth Complex) and it has been for four times since 2008.

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